Sidra Trading Company was established in 1996 to oversee marketing activities and distribution in the United States. Since then, the company started to grow steadily and expanding in the field of marketing and distributing offering a wide range of healthy high-quality products to those looking for such items.

We have branches in the U.S, Canada, Yemen, and soon in Europe.


Honey: Unlike other companies, who import their honey from other countries and falsely advertise it as "raw", our honey comes from local beekeepers here in the U.S who have raw honey that comes directly from their own bee farms. We guarantee to all of our customers worldwide that our honey is 100% raw. You'll know when you try it! Our honey is packaged in 2 ways; Bottled in jars and in Bulk (drums). 


Tea: Al Kbous tea comes from the finest tea plantations in the world. Tea-leaves are carefully selected and daily harvested manually to guarantee its containment of the high quality, unprecedented taste, and emphasize its unmatched purity.

Coffee: Al Kbous Coffee is brought from the best land it can come from- Yemen. The journey starts from the stands and the slopes of the mountains of Yemen, the home of Yemeni coffee. From the maternal trees that hold the inveterate origin Arabian coffee, the best fresh and grown seeds are selected. After collection, they are peeled; seeds are washed and dried, then prepared for sowing and planting.