• #1 Best Quality Tasting Tea in the World!

• Professionally Packed and Imported from Yemen

• Great for Hot and Iced Tea How to make in Tea Pot:

• Fill the teapot with water

• Boil the water and then infuse a teabag in the pot

• Leave it for 3 minutes till it is ready to serve.

How to make tea in cup:

• Put a teabag in the cup

• Fill the cup with Boiled Water

• Add sugar or honey with desired amount

• Leave the teabag infusing for 2-3 minutes depending on how dark you want the tea to be

• ( you could add milk or lemon if desired:)

How to make ice tea:

• First prepare your tea, boiled and concentrated

• Pour it into a cup filled with ice which will help to dilute the tea concentration

Al Kbous 100 Tea Bags شاي الكبوس

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